Critical IT Infrastructure Managed Services

We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


Career in Novian Systems

Together we’re building a more modern society


Resourcefulness, team spirit and openness to change are the core values that guide our daily work. In making decisions, we consider the impact on employees, the company and clients, always looking for the option that is best for everyone.


Our team of almost 80 people – in our production, business development, commercial and administrative departments – develops and implements solutions that help build a modern society. Whatever our specific roles, we’re all passionate about IT and we handle challenges professionally. We believe success also depends on our colleagues’ support and we take their suggestions into account, whether they joined the team yesterday or have been with the company for 20 years.


We encourage growth. It’s an inseparable part of our daily life since we not only work in the rapidly evolving field of information technologies but also create innovations ourselves. The Novian Systems team’s education and thirst for new knowledge are key to success in the most challenging projects. That’s why we invest in training for employees to raise their qualifications and obtain certifications.

Geography and experience

We work with clients from various parts of the world, delivering innovative solutions not just in Lithuania and the Nordic region, but also across Africa and Asia. That means some on our team need to travel and learn other cultures’ ways of working. International projects bring value for all of us since our colleagues return with new experience and impressions. As part of the Novian group, we also broaden our expertise by conducting joint projects together with other companies of the group.

Work environment

Mutual respect and the ability to listen create an environment in which we feel good. How our colleagues feel at work is of great importance to us, and new technologies help take care of that.

Free time

We also build ties of friendship by spending leisure time together. On winter evenings we might play poker, have a battle of minds, or take a sauna. In summer we’re more active, going off canoeing or cycling for instance. We also contribute to social initiatives. Anyone can join the events team and suggest ideas for leisure time with the team.


Many of us on the team began our careers in “junior” professional roles and now manage projects or departments. At Novian Systems, everyone can move up the career ladder and take on more responsible positions.

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