Critical IT Infrastructure Managed Services

We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


Critical IT infrastructure services

IT infrastructure is an entirety of technologies - hardware and software, databases, all designed for a specific organization. Critical IT infrastructure is an IT infrastructure that ensures the core functions of an organization - in the event of their failure or instability, the organization would suffer significant financial or reputational losses.

Novian Technologies provides managed critical IT infrastructure design, installation, maintenance and development services, regardless of the manufacturer of the available equipment, for the entire IT infrastructure or only for a specific group of equipment (servers, depositories, data storage and recovery solutions, virtualization, databases, etc.).

Design and implementation of critical IT infrastructure

In organizations that digitize operations, breaches of critical systems or the IT infrastructure that supports them can disrupt processes and lead to the loss of important data. In order to avoid disruptions and associated losses, it is recommended to invest in the design and implementation of an appropriate critical IT infrastructure.

When developing and designing IT architecture, we rely on TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) information systems (IS) architecture structure methodology. It is based on organizational, data, application, and technology architecture.

In this way, we ensure that by applying the world-renown practices, created IT architecture would efficiently serve and comply with the highest qualitative and functionality standards. The design is certified according to the ISO 9K standard. We use the Architecture Development Method to create and modify the architecture.

Deploying critical IT infrastructure includes servers, data warehousing, computing networks, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), or hybrid cloud solutions. Novian extensive network of partnerships allows you to choose the right IT equipment.

Maintenance and support of critical IT infrastructure

Maintenance and support of critical IT infrastructure is also essential for the smooth operation of an organization. It is a hardware and software operation and restoration service.

We provide it on the basis of the CIMF (Critical Infrastructure Maintenance Framework) methodology based on the best market practices in ITIL and in line with ISO quality requirements.

The CIMF covers the provision of services, technological tools for monitoring and managing databases, hardware and operating systems, for Backup solution audit and monitoring, working with third parties - system installers, IT vendors and suppliers and others, application and application monitoring and management, recording of administrators' actions, security (vulnerability scanning and removal), as well as cloud backup. Depending on the customer's needs and the criticality of the equipment, service level agreements are established (SLA).

Regardless of the level of service, incident diagnostics are implemented during proactive monitoring, initiation and management of changes related to incident or problem resolution is performed, incident escalation to the manufacturer, monitoring and control of service level agreement (SLA) obligations, reporting of resolved incidents, problems or changes is in place. There is also a central helpdesk and a service manager at work.

High reliability solutions

Organizations for whose processes the continuous operation of IT equipment is extremely important need a guarantee that the operation will not be interrupted even in the event of equipment failures.

For this purpose, high-reliability solutions are designed and installed in which a part of the equipment remains inactive and activates only when a fault is detected in one of the active components. This ensures that critical data in the organization is adequately protected and that IT systems are adapted to different loads.

High-reliability solutions are also designed with individual needs in mind. It can be a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution, a backup data center, a hybrid cloud solution - including both world-class (AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud or other vendor) and local data centers in Lithuania, as well as flexible IT infrastructure architecture.


For organizations undergoing technological change, we propose to use Novian Technologies MigrITIS IT infrastructure and IS migration methodology.

It is applied from 2020, together with various types of migration services, starting from migration from unsupported or legacy hardware to newer and ending with a migration service from local infrastructure to cloud service (IaaS), as well as migration from platform to platform, switching the solution from Legacy platforms to cloud service or container platforms, and from data center to data center, including both equipment and data. We also provide systems consolidation services.

MigrITIS is based on the experience of Novian Technologies specialists, as well as on international project management standards, best practices of well-known global manufacturers and is not tied to a specific manufacturer, so it can be adapted to the migration of all technologies on the market.

Novian Technologies has collected more than ten years of experience in working with national central banks, tax administrations and large business organizations. The high and strict requirements provided for these organizations critical systems allow us to offer each customer the most appropriate IT infrastructure solutions.