Critical IT Infrastructure Managed Services

We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


Video conferencing solutions

Novian Technologies develops, implements, and maintains audio and video solutions for remote conferencing.

We access the needs together with the client:

  • whether the audio and video will be streamed to users online or in the room, i. e. whether a solution is needed that allows comfortable work both in the room and remotely;
  • how many speakers will be in the meeting, whether they will be in the same room or speak at a distance,
  • how big the audience will be in the room and what size the room is.

It is important to evaluate these and other circumstances in order to select the equipment that best suits the customer's needs and budget: video cameras, screens, sound system, computers, tablets, etc.

After coordinating the necessary solution, we order equipment from suppliers, deliver it to the client, mount it, install the necessary software.

We maintain the implemented solution, provide warranty and post-warranty equipment maintenance services.

Novian Technologies has also developed an all-in-one solution based on Yealink conferencing equipment. It is designed for smart remote meeting management at the touch of a button. This solution can be applied to both individual workplaces and small, medium, or large meeting rooms.