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Project financial planning and monitoring

Effective performance is inseparable from the results achieved. With several projects running at the same time, it is difficult to follow the progress of each of them. A financial planning and monitoring solution for projects based on "Microsoft" "Power BI", "Power Apps" and "Power Automate" technologies simplify this task.

The project financial planning and monitoring solution allows planning and monitoring all projects in one place, track the progress of each of them, and thus ensure their timely completion.

The solution is also relevant for those who want to monitor the profitability of the project in real-time, compare the project budget with the actual results, predict how much the earned profit meets the objectives.

Besides, the solution helps to track the projected revenue, costs, profits, profitability, the turning point of a group of projects or a specific project from where the project became profitable, all for a selected period.

Calculations show that using such a solution can allow saving a huge amount of time on report preparation.

Possibilities granted by this solution:

  1. Ensuring control over the preparation and approval of project financial plans;
  2. Standardizing and digitizing the project financial plan approval process, involving all parties required for approval;
  3. Avoiding printing project financial plans, losing paper versions, and ensuring that the latest version is retained;
  4. Digitizing project financial plan information for project profitability analysis and other purposes;
  5. Seeing the company's profit and loss statement by projects;
  6. Tracking project profitability and other qualitative indicators, their trends;
  7. Comparing the actual financial results of the projects with their plans and forecasts, analyze the deviations and their reasons.

The needs and projects of each organization are different, so the specific solution is adapted to its needs.