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Census solutions

One of the activities carried out by the Lithuanian Department of Statistics is the organization and execution of general censuses, as well as the general population and housing census. This is a country-wide statistical survey that collects detailed statistics on the country's permanent population and their housing.

Its purpose is to determine the population of the country and its distribution in counties and municipalities, elderships, residential areas, parts of cities and other territories, demographic, social and economic composition of the population, to obtain data on housing supply and housing quality, as well as to have and statistical information comparable between previous censuses and countries.

Specialists of Novian Systems have participated in the project, during which a system was created that allows such a census to be conducted in 2021 based on data collected by state institutions.

After developing the software, the company has developed and implemented tools that allow to:

  • receive and combine administrative data from different data sources,
  • promptly prepare census statistical indicators;
  • publish census statistics in the electronic space.

Such a solution fundamentally changes the census process and allows for the production of high-quality statistical information. The advantages of the new system are not only a lower burden on the population, lower costs, but also the fact that censuses can be conducted at the desired frequency.

The result of the project is a modernized census data subsystem, which allows the collection of census data from administrative data sources by abandoning the population survey.

The main functions of the program:

  • to collect information on ongoing statistical surveys;
  • to receive and use data from state information systems and registers for the preparation of statistical information;
  • to maintain lists of statistical survey observation units;
  • to prepare and disseminate statistical information;
  • to record, accumulate the values of quality indicators of statistical information and business processes and to form reports on quality indicators;
  • to compile and disseminate international classifications and standards related to statistics;
  • to provide public and administrative electronic services: preparation and transmission of business statistics, compilation and transmission of population statistics, dissemination of statistical information.

The project also provides the following opportunities:

  • Individual list: information about each person is obtained in such a way that their characteristics or specifics can be registered separately.
  • Simultaneity: census data is obtained in the shortest possible time. Ideally, all data is received at the same time.
  • Versatility: data on all individuals, households, and housing is provided in a precise way according to subdivided areas of the country.
  • Data and confidentiality of small areas: census data collected and compiled on the number and characteristics of the population and their dwellings in the smallest possible geographical areas of the country, while complying with the requirement to protect the confidentiality of the individual census unit.
  • Defined periodicity: censuses are conducted regularly and information is available in a fixed sequence.