Critical IT Infrastructure Managed Services

We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


Hardware security modules

As more and more business processes move into the digital space, organizations must remain secure and reliable against cyber-attacks.

Many organizations use hardware security modules to generate unique cryptographic keys to protect IP addresses, sensitive business information, and financial transactions.

It is an innovative, much more convenient, faster, and more reliable way to generate unique connections than smart cards. In addition, the hardware security module allows performing significantly more operations simultaneously than previously used smart card technologies.

Hardware security modules are relevant when the following is needed:

  • anti-counterfeiting protection;
  • protection against external attacks, during which attempts are made to scan for repetitions and to break into by scanning for repetitive energy consumption;
  • software environment protection for cryptographic applications;
  • software protection against scans and recording of third party programs;
  • real-time, random generation of authentic keys;
  • support and security of all cryptographic operations (signing, encryption, etc.).

Novian Technologies advises on the acquisition and implementation of hardware security modules. It also integrates them into existing software solutions or during the new software development phase.