Critical IT Infrastructure Managed Services

We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


Authorised service centres

Novian offers hardware warranty and post-warranty servicing for companies and organizations that want to secure the functionality of their current IT equipment. It allows to benefit from the Novian specialists and partnership with the largest manufacturers of the world too.

Upon the customer's purchase of the service and in the event of incidents, the restoration IT equipment's performance and functionality within a defined period and under agreed conditions is ensured without additional costs (including spare parts, repairs, transport costs).

The service is provided for brand new equipment or equipment with an expired warranty, thus extending its life cycle, which is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Solutions are also possible when part of the equipment is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, but the manufacturer's warranty support has expired for the other part of equipment.

We have signed partnership agreements with the largest suppliers of spare parts and hardware for IT equipment in Europe, which:

  • Ensure the ability to deliver the required part or equipment in any European country within the agreed time.
  • Provide access to more than 50,000 spare parts in warehouses across Europe.

All equipment is tested using specialized testing programs before reaching the customer.

To provide the highest level of equipment maintenance services, we constantly maintain and develop partnerships with world-famous manufacturers.

We currently offer:

  • Dell Technologies business equipment warranty and post-warranty service: we offer a full line of Dell Technologies products, from computers and accessories to Rack, Tower, and Blade / Modular servers and solutions, as well as a variety of types and data capacity storages and supercomputer solutions. Our platinum partner status covers all elements of critical IT infrastructure: networks (we are the only ones in the Baltic states having this status), servers, data storage and data processing and analysis (big data and analytics) competencies.
  • Lenovo business class hardware warranty and post-warranty service: we conclude both long-term hardware maintenance contracts and provide one-time service in the event of an incident. Customers are served by highly qualified certified engineers. We have been developing a partnership with Lenovo since 2013. Novian Technologies has the status of Lenovo authorized service provider in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
  • IBM Service Partner: Novian Technologies has been working with IBM Technologies for more than 10 years and has now reached the level of an IBM Gold Partnership. Company's specialists are constantly improving their knowledge and competencies, ability to design, implement and maintain solutions based on IBM technologies - data storage, cloud and other solutions.
  • Kyocera Black Belt service partner: we are the leading authorized office equipment service center of this manufacturer in Lithuania. In the Baltic States, we provide the highest level of equipment warranty and post-warranty services that meet the quality standards of professional servicing defined by the manufacturer. Novian Technologies is the only company in Lithuania that has acquired a Kyocera service partnership of this level and established a leading authorized office equipment service center in Lithuania.