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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence software and tools are used to transform data into operationally relevant information. Such information enables faster and more accurate strategic and tactical operational decisions.

Business intelligence tools collect and process the data from different sources, present the data in reports, summaries, interactive charts, providing organisations with detailed information about their business situation.

Why is business intelligence important?

  • It allows you to assess the state of the organisation: using historical data, main activity indicators or KPIs (key performance indicators) are displayed;
  • Provides insight into the state of operational processes, for example by comparing the current and historical situation against the defined measurement metrics and standards;
  • Allows to identify market trends and notice operational or business problems to be solved;
  • Allows to predict orders, materials needed, etc. using historical data.
  • Enables data visualization, thus improving the quality of its understanding;
  • Can be used not only for large but also for small and medium-sized organisations.

Advantages of business intelligence:

  1. Increases productivity: with this tool, you can submit the created reports with a single click, saving a lot of time and resources and making employees more productive.
  2. Improves process vision: improves the visibility of operational or business processes and allows to identify areas that need more attention.
  3. Lets one see the overall picture: helps employees get an overview using business intelligence dashboards and reports.
  4. Enables data-driven process improvement: automates data analysis by offering predictive analytics, machine learning, statistical analysis, and other methodologies.
  5. Allows easy analysis: promotes the use of data in decision-making, users without experience in technical analytics can also collect and process data quickly.

Microsoft Power BI business intelligence tool

This tool allows real-time use of structured and relevant information.

Accurate information allows to get clear insights from the data and make decisions faster.

Using this tool, customers build data models of organisations and businesses, which are then visualized in reports and interactive charts. It is an intuitive, easy-to-understand tool with a wide range of analysis and visualization capabilities for the end-user.

Microsoft Power BI features:

  • Allows you to access your data wherever it is: data can be accessed from a variety of sources in the enterprise or the cloud. These include Dynamics 365, Google Analytics, Azure SQL DB, Excel, SharePoint, and more.
  • Easy to model and process data: preparing data with this tool takes little time, despite the large amount of data being processed and the production of attractive and interactive reports.
  • Ability to use visual interactive reports: using the drag-and-drop method and hundreds of advanced visualization templates one can create impressive interactive reports. You can also create your templates. Such interactivity allows data to be read simply and individually.
  • Share with anyone, anywhere: employees can access data and reports based on their roles in the company, using smart mobile devices or computers from anywhere, anytime.

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