Critical IT Infrastructure Managed Services

We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


E-services portal

Functional and efficient e. service portals use technology for service management and thus facilitate the organization's activities.

EDEPAS is a flexible, secure, and reliable technology-based system for providing online services intended for the provision of e. services over the Internet, devoted to the use of public sector organizations. The system is configurable and customizable to the needs of a specific organization.

EDEPAS helps to automate most document management tasks. The system pre-fills in the documents with the data available to the organization, performs several levels of data control, so users avoid related errors, and the organization's employees accept neat and compliant documents.

Quick and easy document filing saves time for service providers and increases employee efficiency. Documents sent through electronic communications can be signed with a secure and reliable e. signature. This ensures data authenticity and shortens the submission time of documents. No matter the size of the system installed, both end-users and employees adapt quickly to it.

The automated process ensures the integrity of the collected data with the organization's systems, informs the service users and employees of the organization about the progress of the e-service in real-time. In this way, the use of the EDEPAS system increases the efficiency of service provision and the satisfaction of the population and reduces direct operating costs.

Key functions:

  • authentication and authorization of external users;
  • management of powers of attorney;
  • submission of e-documents;
  • administration of information messages;
  • integration of internal and external information systems, registers, databases;
  • administration of external user access;
  • preparation of e-document templates;
  • administration of system parameters and classifiers.


  • possibility to provide users with complete and correct electronic data (declarations, requests, applications, orders, inquiries, document attachments);
  • automated e. document processing cycle: collection, processing, informing users about the processing process, decision-making;
  • simple communication between e-document providers and employees of the organization.