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Public utility fee administration

Intended for municipalities, regional waste management centers, utility service providers, and other companies that have to administer payments from tens or even hundreds of thousands of residents. The system ATRIS, created and developed by Novian Systems, allows to perform this work much more efficiently and, for example, calculate 100 thousand payers' fees in 2-3 minutes.

Using ATRIS makes it easier to administer subscriber data or calculate discounts and rebates, makes it convenient to control payments and administer debts. Fees are calculated and invoices are prepared automatically, which saves time and reduces costs.

Advantages of ATRIS:

  • The fee can be calculated according to an individually chosen calculation model (usually it is chosen to calculate according to the number of inhabitants, the area of the real estate object, or the number of holdings). Besides, it is possible to select the fee collection territory and period;
  • The program automatically generates payment messages for a large number of customers, these messages can be forwarded for automatic sending;
  • The program allows you to import bank statements about payments, set off, enter and adjust payments, rewrite obligations due to the change of the payer;
  • It is also possible to form a debtor’s report, generate debt reminders;
  • This program analyzes or searches for information by customer, customer groups, territory, type of waste or containers, amount of fee, payment, debts, periods, etc.
  • Tasks related to fee collection are automated, so a 100 thousand payers’ fees are calculated in 2-3 minutes.

The main functions of ATRIS:

  • Administration of payers and objects;
  • Administration of services, tariffs, and rebates;
  • Administration of taxes and adjustments, payments;
  • Import of real estate register, population register, register of legal entities data in Lithuania, rebates, and payments;
  • Container administration, mapping, RFID (Radio-frequency identification) identification, container service management, integration with carrier information systems;
  • Customer self-service portal;
  • Generation of summaries, reports, payment messages, invoices, debt reconciliation deeds, other documents;
  • System and classification administration;
  • Data exchange with "One account" service in Lithuania and e-invoices data exchange with banks operating in Lithuania.
  • Transferring data to the companies that provide streaming printing services;
  • Transferring data to Perlas GO;
  • Transferring data to debt collection agencies.

Additional modules

The ATRIS system can be combined with the following additional modules: waste accounting information system, performance management within the waste management sector information system, customer service solutions, debt control solutions, waste generation planning solutions, container administration information system, etc.