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X-Road security server service

Organisations often need to share data with others or use data that do not belong to them. They also need to share data collected on an accrual basis.

With the initiative and continuous support of the Estonian state, it has been possible for 20 years to bring together the interests of all parties using the X-tee data exchange platform.

As of 2022, more than 700 organizations exchanged data via X-tee or X-Road, as it is called in English, with 1,500 information systems and 3,100 services connected. National borders are no barrier either – data can be exchanged with X-tee member states of the trust federation via the same X-tee solution.

Novian X-tee security server service

Joining the Estonian X-tee ecosystem requires the customer to have and administer a security server and software.

Novian X-tee security server service gives the organizations access to the Estonian X-tee ecosystem without having to purchase a security server or deal with its configuration and administration. The use of X-tee security servers and MISP2 as a purchased service allows organisations to save both money and time, with the monthly fee including unlimited queries.

Novian offers

  • The customer does not need to buy a server.
  • The customer does not need to worry about the day-to-day management of the security server. We keep the security server up and running, install security patches and other updates to the X-tee software, monitor server loads and regularly back up the entire solution.
  • We assist you in obtaining and installing the information and certificates you need to join and in dealing with the Information System Authority (RIA).
  • It is possible to join the X-tee production, testing and development environments. You can learn more about the differences between the environments here: X-tee environments.
  • We also offer the MISP2 portal option. MISP2 (Mini Information System Portal) is an application that provides a simple way to perform data queries via X-tee.

Examples of X-tee usage

  • Data exchange with healthcare databases (Health Information System, Digital Registration Desk, Prescription Centre and Health Insurance Fund) for general practitioners and other healthcare service providers.
  • Queries to information systems handling data on people (Population Register) and vehicles (Traffic Register).
  • Interfacing with business software. For example, the X-tee service extracts the data for the information system directly from the database of the Employment Register or downloads the certificates of incapacity for work from the Health Insurance Fund system.
  • Services of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for data exchange with enterprises:
    • VAT return submissionIncome and social tax return submissionRegistration, suspension and modification of employmentPublic query of non-residence data
    • X-tee service for tax data of natural persons
  • Consent service – an e-service developed by the Information System Authority that allows a person to give permission to the state to share their personal data with a certain service provider.

X-tee all the way from 2001

Novian Eesti OÜ has been part of X-tee since its inception. In 2001, we developed (under the name of AS Andmevara) query interfaces for the building and population registers and then secured the X-tee environment for the national main register, which exceeded 10 million queries per month.

X-tee version 6 was introduced in 2015, ensuring the integrity of messages with qualified digital signatures. Registered trust service providers were added to the interoperability model, with the use of secure signature tools and e-stamp certificates becoming compulsory for qualified digital signatures.

The increased complexity and cost of the solution prompted the creation of the security server service.

X-tee advantages

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