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Municipal tax program

The municipal tax program (SMP) is a system for the accounting of municipality-administered taxes (land, real estate lease, etc.), fees (pet ownership and registration), permits (construction works, placing outside advertising, organization of public mass gatherings, etc.), licenses (for retail trade in alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, unpackaged oil products, carrying passengers, etc.).

The self-service module integrated into the system enables municipalities and residents to use electronic services easily and quickly.

SMP benefits:

SMP can be connected anywhere with a present Internet connection, so it does not need to be installed on every employee's computer.

This system allows one to perform large-scale operations (calculate taxes, form payment notifications, etc.), and many processes are automated, making routine work more efficient and faster.

System users can perform data analysis much easier and with more convenience. Customers are provided with access to the necessary information (about the objects to be accounted for, the calculated tax, payment notifications, executed payments, etc.), therefore the service costs are significantly reduced.

Advantages of SMP:

  • all municipal taxes and tolls (fees) are accounted for in one system;
  • there is a common register of municipal payers and other data related to payers, joint accounts are possible, as well as joint debt administration;
  • possible uploads from the Population Register, the Register of Legal Entities, and the Real Estate registers;
  • payment data is loaded and accounted for automatically;
  • electronic services are provided to the taxpayer according to an individual module created for the user, where the person can view the data collected by the municipality about him or her, the payment notifications submitted for all taxes and fees, and the received payments.
  • electronic invoices are provided when sending payment messages, thus reducing municipal costs.

SMP modules:

  • land lease tax module;
  • animal register and fee module;
  • license administration module;
  • real estate administration module;
  • self-service website;
  • performance analytics module.