Critical IT Infrastructure Managed Services

We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


Digitization of archives and documents

Digitization services are the translation of information printed on paper (from historical books to magazines, newspapers, documents, etc.) into digital format. This process includes information scanning, processing (creation of metadata, text recognition, etc.), storage and hosting in document management systems.

Digitization usually simplifies and streamlines processes (material is easily accessible to external customers, search is faster, etc.), saves costs  - reduces human resources needed to handle paper materials, reduces document storage costs, creates additional digital service options.

Digitization of documents

Digitization services cover the full cycle from preparing paper materials for transportation or scanning to storing and keeping processed digital material in document systems, as well as:

  1. document scanning automated processes,
  2. quality control,
  3. document processing (text recognition, metadata, segmentation, different formats, etc.),
  4. material archiving solutions,
  5. specialized software for material handling and hosting.

Digitization of publications

Novian group company Zissor offers software intended for digitization of newspapers, magazines and archives. It is used by libraries, archives and publishers, who would like to digitize and preserve their archive of publications and open it for public use with a possibility of search in texts. It is also used by service bureaus who want to include archive digitization into a list of their offered services. 

Zissor is optimizing the OCR (optical character recognition) and segmentation process for newspapers and magazines. The company can also offer effective editing and quality control tools.

Zissor Archive Digitization Software includes flexible export functionality intended for high quality production and delivering of information. Automated solutions allow to process both a couple of pages and large volume publications.

Samples of some included functionality:

  • Indexing of scans (from paper, microfilm or from different images from PDF);
  • Optic character recognition - including Gothic /Fraktur text;
  • Automatic article segmentation and metadata extraction;
  • Efficient tools for quality control and editing when needed;
  • Output in several file formats as JPG, PDF with searchable text, a couple of XML standards - all documents are presented in flexible formats and layout.

Work with PDF documents

To those actively working with PDF documents we offer Zissor PDF to text conversion service. It allows to segment and automatically extract articles – texts, images or metadata from PDF format.

Segmented articles can also be used as a part of internal or external applications. The transfer is performed in XML format, metadata and mages can usually be used in internet, tablets and mobile devices instead of the provision of the whole page information.

Zissor provides a possibility to convert from PDF to text upon installation and as a service.