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Microsoft Power Platform

In the age of digitalization, as the amount of data generated by businesses and organizations continues to grow, its analysis can create tangible value.

In the past, data was analyzed, programs were developed, or processes were automated by IT departments or service developers. This required defining needs and goals, submitting them to the IT department, and finally waiting for the reports to be created. It is time-consuming and costly with external resources. Also, a new solution is usually needed immediately, so a long wait can lead to a slowdown in other processes.

The Microsoft Power Platform offering a solution in this situation includes three products: Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate. Solutions made with these technologies make it easy to manage, navigate, build, automate, and analyze data and can be integrated with Microsoft or other market player solutions (business management systems, production systems, other applications).

Besides, the Power Platform technologies allow companies and institutions "democratizing" data so that company’s digital information transformation benefit can be accessed by a user without programming knowledge. In this way, it allows most users to create, automate, or analyze data.

Power Apps

This is a minimal programming knowledge requiring platform that allows users to quickly create applications.

Applications developed with Power Apps allow to digitize and automate various business administration, supply chain, and production processes. They have a flexible design and can run smoothly in a browser or on mobile devices and are easily adaptable to changing business needs.

Power Automate

Formerly this product was known as Microsoft Flow. It allows you to automate the business process and describe it with a logical sequence of actions. The sequence of actions can perform operations with Microsoft or other programs, thus avoiding repetitive tasks and saving time, as well as money. Besides, these fast-developing processes do not require special programming knowledge.

Power BI

It is a powerful business analysis tool that allows you to easily connect to various and different vendor data sources, create clear reports, and interactive business analytics sheets. Thus, gaining business insights for quality decision-making supported by data and its analysis. Proper and timely made decisions can improve the company’s operations efficiency, competitive advantage and allow to react faster to the ever-changing competitive environment.