Critical IT Infrastructure Managed Services

We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


Disaster recovery solutions

As more and more organizational functions are transferred to the virtual space, the security of the IT also determines the continuity of operations. This is important both in the implementation of IT projects and in the management and prevention of IT crises.

The Novian Technologies team consists of project managers with many years of experience in international projects, applying the good practice base, and their competence is also demonstrated by world-class professional certificates recognized in the market.

IT project management

Novian Technologies provides IT project management services based on many years of experience and good practice. They are designed to initiate, plan, execute, and manage initiatives or changes in an organization. We follow PMBOK, Prince2 and CompTIA Project + methodologies in project management.

The application of the PMBOK methodology ensures the effective management of key performance indicators such as volume, quality, schedule, resources and all related risks. PRINCE2 methodology is designed to effectively manage such performance indicators as benefits, deadlines, costs, volume, quality, risk.

Novian Technologies provides project management services in accordance with the certified ISO 9,000 and ISO 20,000 standards.

IT project management

Technological projects that transform organizations often involve several different suppliers, and tasks require a variety of competencies. In such a case, it is necessary to provide who will be responsible for the general contracting, i.e. the project management and representation of the client's needs.

In this case, Novian Technologies specialists responsible for the general contracting ensure that the projects are implemented on time, maximizing the implementation of the tasks set by the client and controlling the costs present. In addition, they ensure communication between the client and suppliers, simplifies the control of service implementation.

In addition to global project management practices and Novian Technologies internal procedures and quality standards, the general contractor uses internal operational and migration methodologies. When that's not enough, Novian Technologies' many years of experience in similar projects and readiness to meet challenges become a key element of success.

Business continuity planning

In order to avoid business interruptions, it is necessary to assess in advance and prepare for possible extreme events that may disrupt the continuity of the organization's IT activities.

One important measure in this area is the backup of data that is critical to the business continuity of the organization. It protects data from "human" errors, cyber-attacks, and hardware failures.

For maximum data security, remote data centers are designed to store backups to ensure data recovery in the event of an unforeseen situation and intentional or unintentional data destruction.

We have also accumulated extensive experience in other areas of ensuring the smooth continuity of the IT economy, such as the development and maintenance of critical IT infrastructure, so we are ready to offer relevant solutions in this and related areas.

In the event of an IT crisis, we are ready to look for effective solutions - the Novian Technologies team is well aware of how to deal with high uncertainty and find the right solutions. During more than 30 years of operation, the company has helped many clients to solve critical incidents and manage emergencies in a complex crisis.