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Urban transport solutions

Today, the solutions developed by Novian Systems are actively used in urban life. One of the areas that has proved particularly successful is urban transport, where residents use the mobile apps "m.Ticket" and "m.Parking".

These apps allow the city to conveniently analyze data, automatically generate reports, speed up data entry and processing, and allow unified administration of service users. The intuitive user interface and self-service portal make it easier to inform users and obtain data related to the service.


The m.Ticket app, used since 2014 - is a public transport ticket on a mobile phone. It allows you to buy public transport tickets, plan travel routes by bus or trolleybus in Vilnius. The fastest route is easily selected, timetables can be viewed and public transport movements are monitored in real-time, and these features ensure a smooth ride on public transport for both passengers and controllers.

To reduce the number of offenders who use public transport services without paying, the app introduces a 15-second delay period for activating the ticket, thus avoiding offenders who mark the ticket only after seeing the inspector. Besides, passengers can buy a ticket for another person and pay for the tickets using the entered bank card data.

The mobile app stands out for its convenience for residents - it is available on smartphones with both iOS and Android operating systems.


The m.Parking mobile parking app is designed to order, pay for, and administer parking services, as well as control and supervise parking. "m.Parking" is available on every smartphone with both iOS and Android operating systems, and the service can be ordered without getting out of the car.

The system is adapted for both the driver and the inspector.
"m. Parking" allows the driver to pay for parking by mobile phone, to choose the start and end of the parking period, thus paying for the actual parking time of his or her car.

It is also possible to enter the car number, select the parking zone, pay for parking, send information via SMS, and the location of the car is determined automatically. Also, the paid parking service can be interrupted or extended at any time by booking.

It is important for the city that the app has such functionalities as a parking services management module (back-end), which performs internal operations - data replication, administration of users and settings, suspension of payments.

The parking solution portal is responsible for user registration, information, and telephone number management. Service management allows one to view, export, and filter payments by phone number, operator, type, status, payment period.

The control component allows one to view the inspection history (ID, inspector, vehicle registration number, zones, time, order status, status) and filter it by the inspector, vehicle registration number, period. It is also possible to view the history of violations (ID, No., car registration number, inspector, street, time, status) and filter by No., car registration number, inspector, period.

The accounting module is responsible for the functionality of data exchange between system components and information systems of mobile operators and banks. The functionality of the program is created while taking the speed and user-friendliness into account.