Critical IT Infrastructure Managed Services

We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


HR process management

Personnel process management solutions for companies and organizations allow you to easily manage and monitor the following processes: not only to eliminate unnecessary paperwork but also to automate personnel process management solutions, reduce the workload of employees and increase their productivity.

It is estimated that the usage of such solutions can save up to 60% time, used to prepare, coordinate, and approve personnel management related documents.

We use Microsoft "PowerPlatform" technologies for personnel management solutions: "PowerApps", "PowerAutomate" and "Power BI".

A solution of employee access to company documents and procedures

This solution allows:

  • Inform employees quickly and easily about new or changed company procedures and documents;
  • Avoid paperwork and collecting signatures when signing documents as much as possible;
  • After digitizing the process, the actions of accessing documents and procedures can be followed simply and easily;
  • Make the process of introducing new employees more productive and faster.

Accounting of employees' working time. Tables

This solution allows:

  • Optimize costs: you will be able to monitor employee productivity and efficiency, compare time worked and results achieved.
  • Know what you are paying for: you will be able to keep track of working hours, holidays, accruals, and payroll. Time tracking systems will also provide the ability to track workflow by linking it to payroll.
  • Save time: Accounting for work time will help you understand where you are wasting company resources and will help you avoid or optimize long-term tasks.
  • Track costs: with time tracking, clients don’t have to constantly check the status of their projects. They will be able to see how long and how effectively your organization has been working.

Vacation process automation

Novian Systems vacation request automation solution, based on "Microsoft Power Apps" and "Microsoft Automate", saves time and resources and allows to reduce the likelihood of errors up to 60 percent.

This program not only makes it easier and faster to generate vacation requests but also provides employees with additional information about the number of accrued vacation days, approved or denied vacations, the team planned, and approved vacations, days that coincided with team vacations.

This solution can be used not only by employees but also by the company's personnel managers.

This decision allows the HR manager to see vacation requests from all employees, manage employee vacation leave requests, accept or cancel a request, or return a request to an employee to adjust it, and if necessary, to submit a vacation request on behalf of the employee.