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We provide critical IT infrastructure design, development and management services. We ensure that our client's IT infrastructure is used in a secure, effective and efficient manner.


Dell Technologies Titanium Business Partner

Dell Technologies, a world-renowned technology maker, is steadily developing its share of the server market, focusing on simplicity, completeness of offer, and value for money.

Dell Technologies servers feature great virtualization capabilities, power, efficient cooling, built-in management tools, and purposeful design - Rack, Tower, and Blade are currently available.

Novian Technologies has been developing a partnership with this manufacturer since 2009.

Dell Technologies Titanium partner status is a highest-level partnership that encompasses all elements of critical IT infrastructure: networking (Novian Technologies is the only one in the Baltic states), servers, data warehousing, and data processing and analysis (big data and analytics) competencies.

Novian Technologies also has a right to sell the production in Latvia and Estonia.

For customers, this partnership means:

  • Fast delivery of ordered equipment and better prices. Novian Technologies is the only supplier of Dell Technologies equipment in Lithuania without any intermediate suppliers.
  • Competence attested by certificates and partnership level. As the partner status is granted only after reaching the appropriate level of knowledge and experience, as well as obtaining the necessary certifications, this means that the company's specialists not only know and know how to work with all Dell Technologies enterprise products, but also can select, implement, and supervise them properly.
  • Direct access to a large database of technical documents, best practices, blueprints. The company's specialists can also use the world's best solution architectures and the resources of world-class Dell Technologies engineers, who have created them, therefore offered solutions are already tested in practice.
  • The full range of Dell Technologies products. The company offers a full range of Dell Technologies products: from computers and accessories to servers of Rack, Tower, and Blade types and solutions, as well as data storage of various types and capacities and complex solutions for supercomputers.