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Project portfolio management

When several or more projects are running at the same time, information from different sources needs to be aggregated in order to monitor the status of projects’ ‘health’, human resources, and key project performance indicators in one place.

This is made possible by a solution with a project management office (PMO) function for both business and public sector organizations.

The system allows real-time monitoring of metrics and progress for a wide range of projects, as well as automatic risk identification and assessment. The tool can also be used to see the long-term and short-term employment of staff assigned to projects, and to identify under- or over-allocation of time and overlap in planning.

This solution allows you to integrate the financial, scope, work progress situation, see and manage the situation of multiple projects at the same time, and address the following tasks:

  • providing and managing aggregated information on critical parameters of the project portfolio (projects’ ‘health’);
  • combined presentation and management of the human resources workload and demand of the project portfolio;
  • forecasting the company’s financial situation and human resources demand;
  • Project portfolio risk management.

The system also allows the use of functions beyond the scope of traditional project portfolio management:

  • monitoring and modelling the company’s financial situation,
  • an interface to a customer relationship management (CRM) system,
  • feasibility analysis, qualification and accounting,
  • modelling of annual company performance.

The project portfolio management system is flexible and easy to set relevant parameters. The system is ready for integration with Jira, SpiraTest and Microsoft Office.