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    General contracting

    Technological projects that transform organizations are sophisticated due to their complexity and scale. They often involve several different suppliers, and technological competencies alone are not enough to meet the challenges. In such a case, it is necessary to provide who will be responsible for the general contracting, i.e. the overall project management and representation of the client's needs.

    The Novian Technologies team consists of project managers with many years of experience in international projects, applying the "Novian" good practice base, and their competence is also demonstrated by world-class professional certificates recognized in the market.

    These specialists ensure that projects are implemented on time, maximizing the implementation of the tasks set by the client, and controlling the available costs.

    For the client, such a project manager becomes the main contact, coordinating different suppliers and their teams and the overall workflow. It is the specialist responsible for the general rank that solves communication problems, strengthens the connection between the customer and suppliers, and simplifies the control over the implementation of the service.

    In addition to global project management practices and Novian Technologies internal procedures and quality standards, the general contractor uses internal operational and migration methodologies that cover most of the processes envisaged in the projects.

    The nature of projects aimed at technological transformation means that existing methodologies or good practices are not sufficient to carry out some of the tasks. In such cases, Novian Technologies’ many years of experience in similar innovative projects and its readiness to face unprecedented challenges become a key element of success. There have been many such challenges, so the team is well aware of how to deal with high uncertainty and find the most appropriate solutions.