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Contract register

The day-to-day operations of an organization are inconceivable without contracts. As activities expand, so do the processes involved in managing them.

The contract register solution helps to effectively manage these processes, allowing reducing paper and information management costs by 65 and 30 percent, respectively. It is estimated that the work becomes more efficient both the search for information related to contracts and business processes are accelerated.

The contract registry solution is based on "Microsoft" "Sharepoint", "PowerApps", and "Power Automate" technologies, and the solution itself can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

Using the solution of the contract register, all contracts are stored in one centralized system, which ensures the collection, storage, processing, systematization, and safekeeping of the data contained in them, and also allows for the provision of this information to the users of the program.

Contracts in the system can be supplemented, for example, by adding annexes or acts of acceptance and transfer of services and goods. When a contract is terminated, it automatically finds itself in the expired contracts folder.

The system also initiates the timely renewal or automatic renewal of contracts and assigns appropriate tasks to the staff responsible for concluding contracts with customers and suppliers.

Advantages of the solution:

  1. Contracts are negotiated more quickly because electronic tasks help to do so;
  2. The status of the contract is always known (drafted, agreed, signed and sent, signed by all parties, invalid, etc.) just as the person responsible for the contract;
  3. Reminders are received for necessary actions (contract extension, renewal, etc.);
  4. Contract and related information can be quickly found;
  5. Protection against deletion or loss of contracts;
  6. The contract can be approved and reviewed using the mobile application;
  7. When a new contract is concluded, it is registered with the main contract and the computer files of the contracts are imported.