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    Maintenance and support of critical IT infrastructure

    It is a hardware and software uptime assurance and recovery service that includes professional maintenance provided over a defined period and on agreed terms.

    The service is intended for the critical infrastructure of the company's or institution's IT system, regardless of the manufacturer of the available equipment, provided for the entire infrastructure or only a certain group of equipment (servers, virtualization, network, etc.).

    We provide the critical IT infrastructure service based on a special methodology CIMF (Critical Infrastructure Maintenance Framework). It is a field-tested methodology for the provision of critical IT infrastructure maintenance, development, and recovery services, developed based on ITIL best market practices and in compliance with ISO quality requirements.

    The CIMF includes the following components:

    • Provision of services: working orders, procedures, registers, SLAs, incident and change registration and management, resource management, roles, security;
    • Technological tools are used for monitoring and management of databases, hardware, operating systems, as well as backup. for decision audit and monitoring.
    • Recommendations and reports: problem and incident statistics according to SLA, technological KPI monitoring and recommendations, DBMS licensing, etc.
    • Work with third parties - system installers, IT manufacturers and suppliers, and others.
    • Monitoring and management of applications and applied systems;
    • Recording of administrator actions (using Balabit Shell Control);
    • Regulation on the provision of services;
    • Security (vulnerability scanning and removal);
    • Cloud backup.

    Depending on the customer's needs and the criticality of the equipment, service level agreements are established (SLA), which guarantees that the service will be provided in a timely and high-quality manner.

    Regardless of the service level selected, the following steps are performed:

    • Incident diagnosis during proactive monitoring;
    • Initiating and managing changes related to the incident or problem resolution;
    • Incident escalation to the manufacturer;
    • Monitoring and control of service level agreements (SLAs) obligations;
    • Reporting resolved incidents, problems, or changes made;
    • Central helpdesk for incident registration and problem-solving;
    • Service guide.

    At the customer's request, we perform annual audits and provide recommendations for the maintained infrastructure. The service is provided on a subscription fee basis.