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    Custom software development

    Custom software is a program designed for the specific purpose of a business or organization. Being specifically tailored to the needs of a business or organization, it is usually limited to a single customer or group of customers whose needs determine the features, functionality, and processes involved. It also provides greater security.

    Advantages of custom software tailored to the needs of a business or organization:

    • Optimized business processes: every business has the right model and processes for them. As a result, integrating new software into them can cause problems, and trying to make changes to the IT system can be costly and cause new problems. The solution to this situation is customized software that allows developing software to fit a current business model and processes, thus optimizing business processes and saving the company time and money.
    • More data and targeted insights: software designed for a specific business model interprets company data much more efficiently, especially when it relates to unique processes that may not be present in other software packages. These advantages can be exploited by analyzing important statistics and trends.
    • Unique competitive advantages: software tailored to the needs of the organization is more relevant to the business and provides a bigger competitive advantage.
    • Economy: custom software can be developed gradually. Depending on the company’s budget, it is possible to start automating individual processes’ flows overtime to make development accessible to even the smallest business segments.
    • Security: this is the main benefit of developing custom software. Due to its unique nature and increased level of control, security is less likely to be compromised.
    • Customized software includes brand identity: it is becoming increasingly difficult for many businesses around the world to maintain brand identity across multiple cloud systems. With a custom software system, the customer’s brand is easily adapted and quickly changed.
    • Faster integration: by creating a solution that fits a specific business model, the business performs the necessary integration from the very start.