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    Data archiving and storage

    More and more organizations are digitizing business processes - replacing paper documents with electronic ones, creating mobile workplaces, implementing productivity solutions, using them for time accounting, and customer relationship management.

    Digitization creates more data. Data such as important information that is useful when it can be accessed, managed, analyzed, and secured from any computer in the organization.

    For such an investment in a data center and business growth to be successful, it is important to consider the following when choosing data storage solutions:

    1. Organizational activities and technological needs;
    2. Ability to adapt data center capabilities to the scope of the organization's activities;
    3. Efficient use of organizational resources;
    4. Simple data center management.

    Various solutions can be used for data archiving. Depending on the client's situation, we offer one of the following data archiving solutions:

    • Data archiving to disks;
    • Data archiving to tapes;
    • Virtual tape libraries.

    We perform data archiving using external dedicated devices: DAS, NAS, SAN storage, magnetic tapes, VTL.

    Qualified “Novian Technologies” specialists are ready to share their experience in this field and help you choose the most effective path, depending on the needs of your organization.