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    Document management system

    "Novian Systems" document management system for small and medium-sized businesses and public sector organizations ensures protection of the organization's documents from loss, alteration, damage, and prevents unauthorized access to documents.

    This system allows managing the work with the organization's electronic and paper documents and achieving maximum efficiency in working with this information and reduce direct operating costs.

    The convenience lies in the fact, that the system pre-fills the document metadata with the data available to the organization, performs multi-level data control, manages document registration, preparation, other processes, so the organization's employees can avoid mistakes in this activity, and accept and prepare neat and documents, which are compliant with the requirements.
    Besides, the document management system is easily integrated with other information systems in the organization.

    The main features of the document management system:

    • Centralized document storage and control;
    • Document classification, documentation plan;
    • Document registration, linking;
    • Document templates;
    • Document preparation, group work with a document, tasks, cooperation;
    • Automated standardized document management processes such as debugging, endorsement, approval, signing;
    • Document transformation;
    • Document indexing and retrieval;
    • Document archiving;
    • Security and version control;
    • Document audit.