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A quality management system for more efficient work of the Lithuanian State Labor Inspectorate

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In the XXI century, the public sector is facing a growing need for greater transparency and efficiency, and business-oriented quality management systems are being used to this end. To improve performance and make more efficient use of the received funding, the Lithuanian State Labor Inspectorate has implemented a performance management and monitoring system. It has also made it possible to reduce the administrative burden on businesses as their inspections have become more targeted. These technological changes in the State Labor Inspectorate have been implemented by Novian Systems.


The Lithuanian State Labor Inspectorate (SLI) is responsible for the prevention of violations of legal acts defining safety and health at work and labor relations in the country’s enterprises. The wide range of activities and responsibilities meant that more effective management of these processes required continuous, methodically defined monitoring and analysis of activities, which would help to make better and more efficient decisions.

This was also due to limited operational resources – a clearer procedure for planning the visits to economic entities and priorities in the allocation of human and financial resources were needed.


There was a lack of unified measures linking the separate parts of the planning process, which was needed for the more efficient operation of the SLI. The Authority’s performance indicators were not effectively linked to objectives and reporting and accountability were fragmented and time-consuming.

Therefore, there were difficulties in assessing whether the objectives set out in the strategic plan were achieved effectively and whether the funds were used efficiently.


Novian Systems (then operated as Algoritmų Sistemos) has proposed a solution to implement a quality management system based on “Microsoft” technologies.

By using it, it is possible to more effectively manage the organization’s performance indicators and obtain real-time analytical reports on activities – to make data-based decisions, concentrate or properly allocate resources to areas requiring attention, eliminate or strengthen specific areas of activity promptly.


The implemented quality management system is based on systematic methods that allow SLI quickly and without using many resources to calculate the risk of all economic entities, assess their various forms, select management, and inspection measures, and define the relationship between individual risks.

The system helped to ensure the proper functioning of the business planning and supervision model, as well as reduced the administrative burden on business as inspections initiated by the SLI became targeted. A service portal where companies can also provide the data requested by the inspectorate was created for the convenience of business.

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