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I-Kiosk service at Swedbank in the Baltic States


By increasing the availability of electronic services, banks are moving most of their services to the electronic space, where they are provided around the clock. The solution of info-terminals serves enterprises well in this field – they are designed taking into account the unique needs of customers, by integrating the hardware and software of the global manufacturers that solve the tasks before them the best, into their systems. In 2020, the number of Swedbank Internet Banking terminals installed and maintained by Novian Technologies in the Baltic States has exceeded 800.


Digitization is entering more and more areas of life, including banking. By increasing the availability of electronic services, banks are moving most of their services to the electronic space, where they are provided around the clock. Customers visit the bank’s branches for daily services less every day and often perform operations independently in the electronic space.


With the expansion of electronic banking services, a new problem has emerged over time. Some bank customers are unable to securely use the electronic services provided by the bank remotely due to a lack of knowledge, skills, equipment, or internet connection.


To expand the bank’s self-service capabilities, modern internet banking terminals’ or I-Kiosk solutions are used. Novian Technologies (previously – BAIP) provides the possibility to use I-Kiosks as a service. Its package includes the development, design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of I-Kiosks, as well as hardware and software.

After an analysis of the organization and the unique needs of its customers, a unified system is composed of integrated hardware and software produced by global manufacturers that most effectively solve a specific task.

The solution integrated into the terminals, uses the hardware and software of HP, Dell and Microsoft, and enables the bank’s customer to use the self-service portal and connect to the bank’s online account quickly, conveniently, and securely. Under pre-agreed terms of service, these terminals are available to the user all the time.


Organizations using information terminals increase the accessibility of their Internet services. The extensive network of I-Kiosks allows provide self-service quickly, conveniently, and securely. This ensures better accessibility of services so that consumers use them more often. It is also important that the organization does not have to allocate additional human resources to the network of I-Kiosks.

After installing 430 Swedbank I-Kiosks terminals in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia in 2015, Novian Technologies also provided integrated maintenance services for these devices. In 2020, Novian Technologies updated the technical solution of these terminals, and the number of supervised and maintained terminals exceeded 800.

Client's comment

“When choosing the suppliers of this solution, we set high security and technological requirements, as the service is related to the unified and high-quality customer service of the bank in all Baltic countries. “Novian Technologies” offered a technologically complex but flexible and integrated solution - from idea to technical implementation and maintenance. The benefits of this solution can already be assessed by our bank's customers in the bank's branches”

Mantas Mankauskas, Head of the Channel Coordination Service of Swedbank

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