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A contract signed with the Financial Crime Investigation Service on the improvement of the internal document (message) management and analysis system

2013 / 11 / 26

UAB ELSIS PRO won an open restricted procedure “Procurement of the development, installation and training services of the document (message) management and data processing system” and signed a contract with the Financial Crime Investigation Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – the FCIS).

The company will continue its long-time cooperation with this FCIS in the development of the information system aimed at the prevention of money laundering activities. Previously used technologies will be updated within the scope of the project, and the risk management methodology will be applied in order to analyse the accumulated financial transaction data as efficiently as possible and to help institution personnel to make efficient decisions.

The FCIS is engaged in the implementation of the project “Improving performance management of the Financial Crime Investigation Service” No. VP1-4.2-VRM-03-V-01-101 funded from the European Social Fund and budget of the Republic of Lithuania. The project is implemented in accordance with the VP1-4.2-VRM-03-V measure “Improving the System of Public Administration Entities” of the 4th priority “Enhancing Administrative Capabilities and Efficiency of Public Administration” of the 2007–2013 Human Resource Development Programme. The aim of the funded project is to improve the management of the FCIS documents and information in order to achieve more efficient internal administration and performance management. The task of the funded project is to modernize (automate) processing and transmission processes of documents (messages) received in the implementation of provisions of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

The project will last till March 2015.

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