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A contract signed with the National Health Insurance Fund for the deployment of e-forms in the improvement of personal health care service administration

2014 / 12 / 19

UAB Elsis PRO singed a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund (VLK) for the development of the “Software for Grouping Personal Health Care Services by E-forms”.

The aim of the project is to improve the administration of various form statements for emergency medical care, routine medical care and medical services in the EU countries. The project plans for services of the development of the e-form module, which include the integration of the e-form module into other information systems, creation and deployment of an automatic document filling component and of a document registration component. Project results will allow the Contracting Authority to eliminate manual completion of certain documents (statements), avoid human error and ensure control and data traceability.

During the implementation of the project, e-services will be created allowing to improve the administration of invoices (E125 / S080 form statements) for emergency medical care, routine medical care services provided in a EU country other than the country having insured a person, and medical services provided under a relevant permit in the country of residence.

During the project, software will be created allowing:

  • to generate and supplement an S080 invoice document for a selected person;
  • to register in the system E125 / S080 invoices received from other EU countries;
  • to register in the system the received documents entitling to pay-outs (E106, E109, E120, E121 form statements and documents S1, S072 replacing them).
  • to complete and register in the system the issued documents entitling to pay-outs, which are currently prepared by TLK in Microsoft Excel format (S1 or S072).
  • to form and register S073, S016, S017, S018, S019 and S050 forms, which confirm, deny or terminate E106, E 109, E120, E121, S1 and S072 documents.
  • The following interfaces with other VLK will be implemented:
  1. SVEIDRA – for the receipt of information on the value of the provided personal health care services and reimbursable medicines.
  2. DPSDR (Register of the Insured) – for checking a person’s coverage by the compulsory health insurance.
  3. VLK DVS (VLK Document Management System) – for registering the issued documents (documents entitling to pay-outs and invoices) in the VLK DVS.

Duration of the project is 9 months.

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