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A contract was signed on the development of information system of the Public Investment Development Agency

2016 / 01 / 04

UAB Elsis PRO won a public tender and on 30 December 2015 signed a contract with UAB Viešųjų Investicijų Plėtros Agentūra (Public Investment Development Agency) (hereinafter – VIPA) on the provision of VIPA information system development and maintenance services. The value of the contract is over EUR 200 000.

VIPA implements and administers financial measures aimed at investments in the modernization of public infrastructure and public services, provides warranty for street lighting modernization projects as well as preferential loans for renovation of multi-apartment buildings, dormitories and central government buildings.

Currently, VIPA IS is partially adapted for the administration of financial tools for the renovation (modernization) of multi-apartment buildings and dormitories of schools of higher education and vocational training institutions. The plan is to expand the existing functionalities during the project implementation and to additionally implement the following programmes (financial tools):

  • renovation of public buildings (provision of preferential loans to building managers or energy saving service providers (ESSP));
  • promotion of renovation of lighting networks and systems (provisions of warranties).

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