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A “one-stop-shop” principle was implemented in the National Health Insurance Fund

2013 / 01 / 18

In December 2012 UAB Elsis PRO successfully completed a project carried out in the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) under the Ministry of Health – “Implementation of a one-stop-shop principle in the NHIF”. UAB Elsis PRO as a general contractor participated in the project together with the partners UAB Algoritmų sistemos and UAB Ernst & Young Baltic.

During the project, the study of possibilities for the implementation of a one-stop-shop principle in the National Health Insurance Fund was prepared, a Consultation Information System (CIS) was developed and installed, rules for the use thereof were created, system-user trainings were carried out.

The installed CIS allows the specialists of NHIF and THIF (Territorial Health Insurance Funds) to provide consultations by phone (8 700 88888) or one e-mail address, also, directly in the premises of the NHIF and THIF. A unified database – “question – answer tree” – served by responsible NHIF / THIF specialists (who develop, supplement and revise it) is used for providing consultations of all types.
The geography of the use of CIS covers the entire territory of Lithuania. Consultations are provided by up to 100 NHIF and THIF employees at one time, every day more than 1000 inquiries are registered.

Having installed the CIS, the following objectives were achieved:

  • A “one-stop-shop” principle was implemented in providing NHIF and THIF consultations.
  • Consultants were given an opportunity to provide uniform, standardized consultations, avoid differences in interpretation of laws on the issues of administration services provided by NHIF and THIF as well as compulsory health insurance.
  • Consultation and service quality improved;
  • The time for the receipt of consultations provided by NHIF and THIF was reduced.

The system was created using Oracle technologies, the user interface was implemented using “web” principles. The value of the completed project is LTL 1.150.000.

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