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Advanced Kyocera’s printing and document management tools for BAIP customers

2018 / 01 / 26

Critical IT infrastructure company BAIP has become the official partner of the global printing and document management company, Kyocera. With the launch of collaboration, BAIP offers the full range of Kyocera solutions – from hardware to software.

BAIP has become a partner of Kyocera in Lithuania and gradually will expand the business to the other Baltic States. BAIP is authorized to market, install and provide long-term support to Kyocera solutions that include hardware, software solutions for efficient document management and their support services.

“By starting to collaborate with Kyocera, we offer professional services to our customers in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. They not only will reduce printing costs but also increase productivity, security and work environment improvements”, said Indrė Orvydaitė, Project Manager of BAIP IT Operations Division.

Kyocera hardware is of high-quality and durable. The proposed equipment is not only cost effective, but also convenient for use in organizations of various sizes – small and medium-sized enterprises, and large offices.

In addition, Kyocera also offers software solutions that bring document management up to a new level.

  • Using specialized software solutions offered by the manufacturer, it is possible to centrally monitor and administer a large flow of equipment. The system is managed remotely, employees can send automated notifications (for example, device faults), and monitor the status of print cartridges.

  • There is also a Follow-me solution that allows to authenticate employees and ensure secure printing. For example, an employee can print or scan a document only after activating his card. The solution allows you to personalize the basic user settings. Printing flow management is facilitated by detailed reports (by user, department or project).

The partnership with Kyocera will allow to complement the range of CopyPrint printing solutions of BAIP with the products of one of the world’s leading manufacturers, thus BAIP can offer even more professional printing solutions to businesses.

The CopyPrint service is designed for organizations that seek to modernize and manage printing and copying services efficiently. This CopyPrint solution created and developed for several years by BAIP allows customers to upgrade their printing, copying and scanning equipment without additional investment, reduce the volumes of printed documents and printing and copying costs up to 30%, and save the staff time due to faulty equipment or for ordering exploitation materials.

BAIP service centers operate in all Baltic countries, making services available to Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian organizations. BAIP employs many experienced and knowledgeable in-house engineers to ensure efficient and high quality service to its customers. The ServiceDesk provides users with centralized support on all kinds of issues and many problems are resolved remotely.

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