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AS Andmevara is a local governments IT-partner

2017 / 02 / 09

On 06 February 2017 was signed an agreement, under which AS Andmevara become a partner for the management and development of information systems for local governments.

In December by the Ministry of Finance, was held a procurement, the aim of which was to find a partner for accommodation, service and support customer service for local governments information systems and the purchase of the design and development of these systems. Andmevara was announced as winner of the tender. The agreement gives us the right to be a partner for the local governments on the part of their web sites, the necessary web-based solutions for the provision of e-services, the local council / government information system and spatial planning information system.

The CEO of Andmevara Andrus Kõre notes that: “Local governments are important partners for us, with which we have had a pleasant cooperation for many years. After the privatization and sale of Andmevara to Lithuanian company INVL Technology Group in the spring of 2016, we were in a situation when the previous work has been partially finished, and had quickly to identify new priorities and activities and find our place in the Estonian IT-market. One of our strategic directions were local governments and we have decided to focus on preparing a complete IT solutions, what we could offer them. The victory in this public procurement is therefore very good news for us, and perfectly corresponds to our new strategy. “

AS Andmevara was founded 19 September 1997 and until 20 April 2016 the company was owned by the state, and for the last 13 years it was an authorized processor of the population register, as well as a developer of other government information systems. The company offers registers, databases, information systems maintenance, development and hosting, software maintenance and customer support services.

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