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AS Andmevara started to develop an information system of delegates

2017 / 03 / 09

Andmevara began to develop an information system for delegates to the Estonian presidency (Presidency Gateway). This will be the main English-language web-based system for the presidency of Estonia in the European Union, which aims are to reduce e-mail messages and exchange paper printouts, and to improve information security.
This will be the central presiding information system, which will be used both at events organized by the ministries, and by delegates arriving here.
The information space for delegates is part of the digital initiative, with the help of which the other attendees will consider the processes related to the meeting of the EU Council Presidency and will create opportunities for their digitization. This initiative is designed to make the processes safer, faster and more cost-effective and facilitate the introduction of a digital signature. The goal of Estonia in implementing this initiative is to leave a positive legacy for future presidencies, as well as create opportunities and conditions for using digital solutions for the following presidencies. In addition, to show that the institutions of the European Union in their activities can use a variety of electronic solutions and principles of e-government, as well as the member states of the Union.
The main customer for the development of the information space for delegates is the State Chancellery, which cooperates with the Center of Registers and Information Systems in the area of procurement.

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