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BAIP Cyber Security Team (NRD CS) encourages organisations to develop their digital surveillance competency

2013 / 12 / 10

The amount of public data contained in cyberspace is growing fast and it is becoming difficult for organisations to manually detect and handle all of the relevant information. In order to help organizations understand and manage digital risk, detect unwanted material that appears on the Internet and make decisions based on the domain of structured and unstructured information, BAIP cyber security team (hereinafter – NRD CS) is strengthening its expertise in the field of digital surveillance.

On the 12th of November NRD CS brought together scientists, investigators, and representatives from law enforcement agencies, banks and corporate organisations for a discussion about their digital surveillance and analysis needs, initiation of partnerships and presentation of S21sec’s Digital Surveillance technology, which provides detection, recovery, filtering, analysis and management of corporate information. This S21sec’s platform aims to support decision-making to protect organization’s assets through the domain of information and early warning, filtering based on language processing and custom dashboards.

In government institutions analysis of publicly available information (government reports, budgets, meeting minutes, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, websites, blogs, forums, social networks, etc.) is often referred to as open source intelligence (OSINT). Mature business organizations also use digital surveillance instruments for reputation management, business intelligence, market and competition analysis, intellectual property and brand protection as well as monitoring of distribution channels.

“Various search engines can find a lot of publicly available information about a certain company, individual, group, or even a country. However, traditional search engines that scan links, such as, for example, Google, do not always reach the required information. In addition, manual detection of relevant information in public sources, especially when there is a lack of information processing skills, is inefficient and expensive. With digital surveillance tools organisations reduce time expenditure and cost, reach new sources of information and make better use of them”, said CEO of NRD CS Dr. Vilius Benetis.

S21sec Digital Surveillance technology, developed in Spain, is designed for real-time information processing and fully automated analysis. The platform allows managing large amounts of information, presented in different formats (text, visual, audio, and video), various technologies and different languages. Filters, integrated in the technology, allow selecting only relevant and applicable sources.

“The solution allows for a wide customization in monitoring, analysis and information management. The system also integrates semantic technologies in order to analyse multilingual sources,” says Julio de Mora Chief Organization Officer at S21sec

S21sec platform is used to work with European law enforcement agencies and Intelligence agencies. Solution is applied for organized crime prevention, identification of behavioural models in social networks, national defence, and criminal investigations. Technology meets applicable national and European legislations, with a particular focus on data protection and privacy issues.

About S21sec:

S21sec is a multinational firm specializing in cyber security services and technology, guaranteeing business continuity while preventing and managing online fraud risks and new threats faced by organizations. With thirteen years of experience, the goal is to protect an organization’s most critical, high-value digital assets: information, operations and corporate image. Its 300 certified experts endorse a new 24/7 cyber security and intelligence model, working in over 26 countries with leading financial entities, governments, public administrations and businesses. More information at

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