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BAIP deploys new terminals of internet bank for Swedbank in Baltics

Case study
2015 / 07 / 30

Critical IT infrastructure company BAIP has launched the deployment of new internet bank terminals for Swedbank customers and agreed on integrated support services in bank‘s branches in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. All branches are already equipped with 360 devices and up to 430 devices will be deployed by the end of September.

The solution, developed on the hardware and software of HP, DELL and Microsoft, provides the customer with a quick, easy and safe use of self-service portal and access to online bank account. According to a service level agreement, terminals are always available to the user.
„This project is significant, since it is related with BAIP’s strategic plans to expand its business and provide corporate clients with integrated and managed IT services across the Baltics. We appreciate the bank’s strategic decision to transfer a part of the responsibilities and functions to an external partner. Within this co-operation we keep the goal to help the bank improve the quality of customer service and develop related operations”, ‒ says Gytis Umantas, CEO, BAIP.
„We demanded high security and technological requirements for the supplier’s solution, as we are concerned about uniform and high quality customer service in all Baltic countries. BAIP offered a solution that was technologically complex, but flexible and integrated from idea to technical realization and servicing. Bank customers has already benefited from the solution”, ‒ comments Olegas Marofejevas, Head of Electronic development department, Swedbank.

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