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BAIP Expansion in the Baltic states

2015 / 11 / 08

BAIP is expanding its operations in the Baltic states. In May, BAIP launched operations and registered as a tax payer, and in September as a VAT payer in Latvia and Estonia, where it provides integrated mobility, cloud computing and managed IT services.

The first BAIP clients in Latvia and Estonia are large retail trade networks and Scandinavian banks.

“The export and development of mobility, cloud computing and managed IT services are the strategic priorities of the company. Following the signing of more than EUR 1 million of contracts with the largest Scandinavian capital banks and retail trade networks in the Baltic states, we seek to be closer to our clients. The availability of employees who speak the local language will enable us to provide the best and most efficient services: prompt reactions, individual attention to client issues, provision of warranty and post-warranty services,” stated Gytis Umantas, the CEO of BAIP UAB.

“In the Baltic states we provide services in IT system maintenance and mobile solutions to large organisations, and we plan the further expansion of operations in Latvia and Estonia. When we began commercial operations in these countries, in the first stage we chose the concept of mobile working places, where hired permanent employees perform IT maintenance and solve incidents at the clients’ working places,” commented the Head of BAIP.

The management process of customer queries will continue to be organised in a centralised manner via the BAIP Service center in Lithuania. We expect that this customer service model will ensure the performance of obligations towards customers with more efficiency. BAIP provides 24/7 services in all Baltic countries.

In the following stage of operations, the company will offer larger clients in the Baltics its critical IT infrastructure design, implementation and maintenance services, cloud computing services, as well as warranty and post-warranty services of the largest hardware manufacturers.

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