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BAIP has completed two critical IT infrastructure projects in the National Bank of Rwanda

2017 / 12 / 05

Two critical IT infrastructure projects that were launched in 2015 at the National Bank of Rwanda were completed in December this year, with the total project value of more than 2.2 million euro.

In the network upgrade and maintenance and disaster recovery centre implementation projects, BAIP specialists analysed additional needs of the bank and presented extended project plans that were approved and received funding.

In the project of the disaster recovery centre the bank was proposed the design of the disaster recovery centre, equipment installation and configuration, migration of applications for the new centre and testing of the implemented solutions. All operations and management personnel were trained to work with the installed technical and software solutions.

During the modernization of the networks, the Rwandan Integrated Payment Processing System, the T24 Central Banking Program and others were implemented. Due to the completion of the renovation work, the network availability increased to 99% ensuring that the maximum inactivity time does not exceed 45 minutes per month.

During the continuing projects, BAIP implemented a unified, centrally managed data backup and recovery solution for the bank using minimum amount of different hardware for the implementation.

This solution has helped reduce the backup and data recovery time and ensure better response to backup security issues.

These critical IT infrastructure projects implemented by BAIP contribute to the target set by the Rwandan government in the Smart Rwanda 2020 program – to move 95 percent of all state operations into the e-domain by 2018, lowering the usage of paper documents and cash.

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