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BAIP has developed unique migration methodology for IT infrastructure and information systems, MigrITIS

2020 / 06 / 25

Based on many years of project experience and accumulated knowledge, BAIP team of experts has developed the unique methodology for IT infrastructure and IS migration service MigrITIS.

It will lead to the development of migration methods that best meet customer needs and provide the highest level of IT migration services. In this way, BAIP will ensure the efficient use of the company’s accumulated knowledge and experience (“know-how”) and the highest quality of services provided.

Migrating to a large-scale or complex environment is often a complex, knowledge- and experience-intensive task. To ensure efficient use of resources, good preparation is required in advance. For an organization that does not have sufficient resources, tools, and experience, large-scale migration often becomes a challenging task. Migrating for the first time, like any other complex project, often encounters ‘pioneer’ mistakes, does not take advantage of good practices, and poses additional risks.

The methodology developed by BAIP provides planning and management methods, tools and concepts for easy and hassle-free migration of IT infrastructure and / or information systems to another, often more advanced, new solution-based environment. MigrITIS describes good practices, tools and project management methods that help the migration project team, manager and other members of the working group to implement the planning process and manage key aspects of the migration project.

Methodology MigrITIS is based on BAIP’s unique experience and competencies, developed on the basis of methodologies and tools of many global manufacturers, but is independent of one specific manufacturer and applicable to the migration of virtually all technologies on the market. It is based on international project management standards, applying world-renowned methodologies, principles, processes and good practices, key components and models of service management methodologies.

BAIP provides exeptional quality advanced and cost-effective IT infrastructure services. To ensure this level of standards, BAIP’s team of experts constantly analyzes the tools provided by global manufacturers, invests in top-level competencies, develops models and methodologies to improve business processes based on all of the above.

“True mastery is gained through long and purposeful work for many years. It is very important to enable the accumulated knowledge and good practices in creating added value for customers. Expertise has a direct impact on the results of the process and, in some cases, can be a key factor in the success of a project. According to the models and methodologies developed by BAIP, complex projects proceed incomparably faster and smoother, potential risks are reduced to a minimum, ”commented Gytis Umantas, BAIP CEO.

BAIP based the practical service model on the ISO 20000 quality service standard, and registered the MigrITIS trademark of the authoring migration methodology.

The methodology audit and evaluation was performed by an independent third party.

MigrITIS is an author’s work, protected by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights of the Republic of Lithuania.

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