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BAIP is creating a federated cyber defence system

2013 / 11 / 22

Critical IT infrastructure company BAIP presented its federated cyber threat detection, warning and defence system for the first time at exhibition „ICT 2013: Create, Connect, Grow“. The exhibition was a part of the ICT conference organised by the European Commission. The conference was one of the biggest and most important Lithuanian EU Presidency events and one of the main parts of “Digital Agenda for Europe”.

Today ICT is threatened by pervasive and constant cyber-attacks and intrusions, led by youngsters, hacktivists, criminals and governments. Resilience to these threats is constantly declining due to increasing intensity of attacks, higher vulnerability of the landscape and spread of interconnected systems. In order to help organisations to see cyber threats on time, correctly analyse them and successfully defend against them, BAIP specialists are developing a federated cyber defence system, based on trust between organisations and philosophy of Critical Controls for Effective Cyberdefence.

“IT specialists and CIOs that employ our solution in their organisations save time on incident and problem analysis and detect security incidents quicker and sooner. This is because they see contextual and correlated information which helps to plan future investments more effectively because it can provide the statistics of security information: number of security incidents, compliance reports”, commented the head of BAIP cyber security team and CEO of NRD CS Dr Vilius Benetis.

The system enables organisations to monitor security information and events, reliably exchange selected security information with related parties and receive information about attacks. This helps to see the attacks in a wider context, identify them more objectively and defend more effectively. The system can be applied in a particular sector (e.g. energy, government) or interconnected systems (e.g. national registers) as well as used for intelligence sharing between national CERTs and organizations.

Cyber security sensors’ and their integration into the central security analysis tool system is based on very light footprint agents that investigate the attacks by analysing the execution and user activities, and is designed for real time information flow monitoring, event correlation and attack prevention. Organisations that install sensors acquire capabilities to defend themselves in cyber space – see security events, react to them and in this way prevent larger systems’ disruptions.

„Our system is created by combining the best component parts from open source and commercial products. The correlation engine that we use allows such analytical power of the system that could not be reached using open source or commercial systems separately. The system can be integrated into SIEM and other security systems and can be adapted to any infrastructure setup“, says Dr. Benetis.

Lithuania presented its innovations, scientific achievements and ICT solutions at 260sq. meters separate space called „Lithuanian Village“. Twelve innovative Lithuanian companies which were given an opportunity to participate in Lithuanian exhibition were selected by „ICT 2013: Create, Connect, Grow“ Lithuanian display committee. Organisations were chosen in accordance to certain criteria: the importance of the product or solution to the problem that is being solved or other innovations; competitive advantage in the EU and foreign markets; Lithuanian origins or participation in international value chain; experience in foreign markets, experience in international exhibitions, foreign partners, and international projects.

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