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BAIP qualified as a Dell Premier Partner

2016 / 09 / 06

Partnerships with vendors are highly valued in IT sector as a source of competitive advantages, competences and way of ensuring highest possible quality of services provided. It is even more valuable for clients and a helpful criteria when selecting a service provider. Partnerships with different vendors is a good indicator of the strong sides of IT service provider, how competent the staff is, availability of competitive price offers, speed and quality of technical maintenance.

BAIP, a critical IT infrastructure company, is consistent in expanding and strengthening its partners’ network. The most recent milestone is DELL Premier Partner’s status, gained at the end of summer, 2016. This is the highest possible partnership level, covering a full scope of critical IT infrastructure components. BAIP is the only Network competence holder in the Baltics, also holding Servers, Data storage and BigData and analytics competences in Lithuania. DELL is one of BAIP’s main partners in business development in the Baltics and other external market, so it is expected to multiply the existing competences for relevant markets in the nearest future.

“Though it is a global trend to concentrate IT services on offering strategic solutions, any IT infrastructure is first of all built on and around hardware. With so many choices it is still a challenge to provide clients with hardware and software solutions that fit their needs best and can be well integrated into the overall infrastructure. Our current set of DELL competences enables to provide high quality, complex solutions for data centers – we have a full suite of competences for that” – said Rėdas Šimelis, DELL Business development Manager at BAIP.

“Our skills are easily transferable outside Lithuania, – explained Gytis Umantas, CEO of BAIP, – and we are already doing it in the Baltic and African markets. We already are number one in the Baltics for DELL Storage and the only ones holding Network competence in all three countries. As part of INVL Technology, we have strong presence through our sister companies in Estonia (Andmevara), Norway (NRD AS), Tanzania (NRD East Africa) and Rwanda (NRD Rwanda). We are making active steps to grow formal partnerships with Dell there so our international clients would have same benefits as local ones.”

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