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Data Archive of Lithuanian Court Information System (LITEKO)

Case study
2016 / 05 / 21

In 2015 National Courts Administration had installed a modern active and archival data separation and storage solution. The decision has contributed significantly to LITEKO bandwidth and efficiency – archival documents are stored in a special archive, separated from of active data that is used daily. If needed, archival data can become easily available.

Electronic data archive of 480 terabytes contains all the electronic information from archival court cases: electronic files, video and audio clips. Modern archive, whose capacity in the future can be expanded to 1.2 peta-byte, helps to save – its maintenance is cheaper in comparison with hard drives.

“National Courts Administration and the entire judicial system needed a modern electronic data archive, which could store data and transmit it to other state archives. This technological solution aims to solve the LITEKO’s bandwidth issue.  LITEKO will work only with data of active cases, while archival data will be stored separately. Faster LITEKO operations will make work for courts easier, as well as will increase quality of provided e-services“, – told Reda Molienė, Director of National Courts Administration.

For this solution BAIP used equipment provided by IBM and Quantum. Duplicated archive components will ensure continuous operation and permanent access to information.

“Information in LITEKO has to be stored for an especially long period of time, and this is the most interesting part of the solution. To ensure continuous operation we have installed special software that is constantly verifying if there are no data losses in the tape library and, if needed, automatically restoring data from the backup“, – explained Gytis Umantas, CEO of BAIP.

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