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Deltagon information security solutions are now available to BAIP clients

2017 / 12 / 12

Critical IT infrastructure company BAIP becomes a partner of the cyber security company Deltagon in Lithuania. BAIP will offer its customers unique Deltagon solutions to ensure information security.

“Confidentiality is critically important for any business enterprise, as it helps to strengthen the company’s reputation, but the leak of important data to the public domain can easily ruin the reputation. This is especially true nowadays when we hear about cyber attacks and leaks of significant business information increasingly often,” emphasizes Paulius Petrauskas, sales manager at BAIP.

According to the BAIP specialist, business owners often do not realize how much confidential information they use in their business. Each business unit has confidential information at its disposal – for example, accounting documents in the finance department, information about company employees in the human resource department and pricing documents in the sales department.

It is important to properly manage confidential information and ensure the security not only when storing but also when sending or sharing information.

Deltagon’s proposed Deltagon Sec@GW (Secure Email Gateway) is the email solution ensuring the confidentiality of messages and their information (personal data, offers, contracts). This solution can be used to send emails to any recipient without installing additional software at the recipient’s side.

Sec@GW helps to ensure that the information reaches the intended contact, i.e. if the information is sent to a different contact, the recipient will simply not be able to view it. The opening of the outgoing message is secured with an additional code (PIN code, customer’s number, personal/social security codes, or code sent by SMS). In addition, there is a possibility of getting information about the time when the email was received, read and which IP address was used, and an option to set the expiration date of the email.

The CollabRoom solution provides a secure working environment for sharing confidential information (documents, contracts, offers, project execution information, or any other confidential document). CollabRoom lets users communicate with each other by leaving messages/posts to each other.

About Deltagon

Deltagon, a Finnish cyber security firm, was founded in 1999. The main offices of the company are located in Helsinki and Stockholm. Deltagon information security solutions are widely used in electronic communications services in various sectors (from finance to public administration). Today, Deltagon solutions are used by millions of users ensuring information security, the efficiency of business operations and streamlined security processes.

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