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Development of the Information System of the International School of Law and Business

2011 / 11 / 21

UAB Elsis PRO has successfully implemented the project in the International School of Law and Business (ISLB), during which the information system of this higher school has been redeveloped and replaced the old system that had been used before. The new IS is distinguished for its 3-level architecture, the implementation of the SOA principles and use of the state-of-the-art Web technologies. The information system allows storing and managing data of ISLB entrants, students and graduates as well as other information related to the studies. The IS is integrated with most of external systems to enable automated data exchange, namely:

  • the system of joint admission to higher schools LAMA BPO,
  • the accounting system PRAGMA used by the ISLB,
  • the library information system ALEPH,
  • the distance learning system Moodle,
  • the Student Register administered by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic and Lithuania.

The functionality of data export to PERLAS terminals is implemented in the system, which enables students to pay for their studies via these terminals.

The ISLB IS contains separate user environments for employees, lecturers, students, and graduates.

Upon the implementation of the new system, the employees of this higher school are able to perform, in a more effective, convenient and faster manner, their functions, namely, to carry out the process of admission to the studies, register their applications (automated data downloading from the joint admission system), process students’ data, track their attendance and academic debts, transfer grades of students who have come from other schools or studies abroad, draw up study plans, form sheets, and print diploma annexes.

Having got connected remotely, students can find out relevant information, for example, notices sent by the administration, review proposed term paper topics and carry out other studies-related actions.

Lecturers, having got connected to the system, can review topics of term papers and final theses of students, lists of students by specific study programmes and subjects taught as well as receive other information.

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