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Digital transformation of Bangladesh supported by Lithuanian and Norwegian best practices

2018 / 09 / 05

The transformation of Bangladesh National Data Center (NDC) into more commercially viable, customer-oriented IT services organization will be led by Lithuanian experts from BAIP and their partners – Norway Registers Development AS and Duomenų logistikos centras.

BAIP and partners will strengthen the capacity of the NDC by modernizing the technology, advancing the skills of the team and increasing overall operational capabilities of the NDC. The partners will also consult and support the manager of the NDC – Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) – in development of a new business model, improved client engagement strategy and enhanced marketing capabilities.  During this project Duomenų logistos centras specialist team will share the experience gained while managing of one of the largest and the most advanced data centers in the Baltic States – Data Inn.

“We are extremely pleased that Bangladeshi authorities recognized the value our company and partners can deliver in supporting the modernisation of the NDC with an in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise”, – says Gytis Umantas, CEO at BAIP. “Strong emphasis during the implementation will be placed on a capacity building and knowledge sharing element – our teams will work hand in hand with NDC experts in order to facilitate learning from experience in delivering technical solutions, servicing clients and addressing other practical situations”.

Capacity building is emphasized since Bangladesh NDC is expected to become one of the largest data centers in the region with an expansion from 200 server racks of today to 5000 server racks by 2021. All procedures and operational practices set-up during this project will be able to support the foreseen NDC development.

Currently, NDC serves more than 163 million habitants and is used by around 200 government entities for hosting major e-Government applications, such as National E-Service System and Civil Registration as well as the Election Commission Database and the Passport Database.

During the project, the maturity level of NDC IT operations management will be improved, helping the organization to achieve operational stability and the desired service level. As a result, BCC will be able to standardise its NDC offerings and service the clients more effectively and professionally. It is expected that in the future NDC will service not only public but also private entities.

The contract between BAIP and Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) was signed and the project was launched on 1st August, 2018.

The project “Mainstreaming of the National Data Center (NDC) across other agencies” is part of Digital Bangladesh agenda and is financed by the World Bank.

BAIP has previous experience of working in Bangladesh – together with partners Norway Registers Development AS and NRD Cyber Security it established the cyber security laboratory for the Bangladesh Computer Incident Response Team (BGD e-GOV CIRT).

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