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Elsis PRO changed its name to Novian Pro

2023 / 12 / 19

The software development company Elsis PRO has changed its name and will now be known as Novian Pro. The company’s new name reflects its activities – the provision of software development services – and the fact that it is part of the Novian information technology group. The company joined the Novian group, which provides software development, IT infrastructure and digitization services, in 2021.

“We’re striving to grow by offering the market advanced and effective IT solutions. Novian Pro, which is active in innovation-intensive areas, is a significant part of those efforts, and this name change will allow us to further strengthen the Novian group’s position in relevant markets,” says Tomas Vitkus, the CEO of the Novian group.

“The new name symbolically combines all the accumulated experience and potential for helping to realize the digital ambitions of business and public sector organisations on both a national and international scale,” says Rimvydas Jančiauskas, the CEO of Novian Pro.

As a software services company operating since 2004, Novian Pro will continue to work actively in areas that are sensitive to IT advances, like the digitalization of business operations and defence, aeronautics and space, and will engage in research and innovation. The company will also focus on projects to develop national information systems in Lithuania and will contribute to large-scale projects in other countries.  

The Novian group consists of Novian Technologies, Novian Systems and Novian Pro in Lithuania, Novian Eesti of Estonia, Andmevara of Moldova, Zissor of Norway, and Norway Registers Development Rwanda of Rwanda.

The Novian group had aggregated revenue of EUR 33 million in 2022, an increase of 27.9% over the previous year. The group’s EBITDA for the year was EUR 1.5 million and contracted 11.8%. It had an operating profit of EUR 0.5 million, which is 39.9% less than in 2021. The Novian group is owned by INVL Technology, a company that invests in IT businesses.

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