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Elsis PRO has joined the National Defence Industries Association of Lithuania

2022 / 09 / 21

In August of 2022, Elsis PRO, a programming company of the Novian group, became a member of the National Defence Industries Association of Lithuania.

The company has been working in the field of defence since 2004, implementing various projects for tactical defence communication, as well as such projects as Alliance Ground Surveillance (NATO AGS) Programme and European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP).

“Work in the defence area is full of technological challenges. Being active players of this sector, we believe that the experience gained and the modern technologies used can contribute to the development of relevant defence solutions,” said Rimvydas Jančiauskas, CEO of Elsis PRO.

Elsis PRO has been participating in NATO AGS since 2013, and joined EDIDP in 2019.

According to the company’s CEO, with joining the National Defence Industries Association of Lithuania, the company expects to be more actively represented in national and international institutions and organisations. “Member status will allow for closer cooperation with other companies in this promising industry, joint projects and the development of innovative products,” R. Jančiauskas stated.

Elsis PRO’s activities include not only the development and integration of information systems, but also the application of artificial intelligence solutions, intelligent data exchange solutions, big data analytics, etc.

Established in 2015, the National Defence Industries Association of Lithuania currently has more than dozen members.

The Association aims to unite Lithuanian producers and scientific organisations to strengthen Lithuania’s defence potential, also focusing on the creation of production capacities that would ensure the effective functioning of Lithuania’s defence and security system in peacetime and, even more so, in crisis situations. As well, the Association strives to encourage Lithuanian industry and science sector to participate in the supply chain of NATO’s and the European Union’s defence industry.

The Association is committed to becoming a reliable partner cooperating and providing advice on defence industry and science issues to Lithuanian governmental and non-governmental institutions. Cooperation with NATO and EU related organisations, and representation of members in international organisations are among Association’s goals as well.

Elsis PRO, established in 2004, develops software solutions for the public administration, finance and tax, healthcare, education, defence and security sectors. In October 2021, Elsis PRO joined the Novian group that specializes in software development and IT infrastructure services.

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