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Elsis PRO has updated the Data Exchange Website for EU-Funded Projects

2020 / 05 / 14

UAB Elsis PRO performed the update and improvement of the Data Exchange Website (DMS2014) of the projects co-financed by the EU funds. From May 11, after the completion of the first development phase of SFMIS2014 (Structural Funds Management Information System), a new, more convenient, intuitive and faster version of the Data Exchange Website (DMS) will be launched. In order to ensure stable, comfortable and optimal operation, the following main changes have been made to the DMS in the first phase:

  • Technologically and visually modified DMS.
  • Communication and messaging are transferred to objects.
  • Improved payment administration.
  • The submission of the project procurement plan and procurement contracts, their changes and data review have been changed.

The upgrade of the DMS was one of the first steps in the development phase of the entire SFMIS2014 system. Also, the core functions of the SFMIS2014 system have been updated, the necessary interoperability and changes have been implemented, which are necessary for the integration and operation of the new DMS website.

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