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Entering the IT transformation with stronger Microsoft partnership

2018 / 07 / 11

Critical IT infrastructure company BAIP strengthens its‘ partnership with Microsoft and will offer even more solutions enabling companies to better organize their everyday IT work.

BAIP builds up worldwide IT company’s Microsoft competencies, which will include even more solutions and services – from efficient workstations management to the newest cloud technology implementations, migration to the cloud, and implementing change across all organization’s IT project management.

In the last few years, business environment has changed rapidly, and companies that wish to stay ahead need to adapt and react to them with flexibility and speed. The new attitude to the IT as a service management is rising (ITaaS) – using your IT resources only when needed and in alignment with various IT vendors, not locking in with one.

“In the ever changing business environment companies are on the lookout for the integrated and flexible IT management and BAIP together with Microsoft can offer just that. Our clients will receive top of the line cloud and workstations management solutions and services, ensuring effective and fast IT management”, says Artūras Milašauskas, BAIP sales director.

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