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External teams of software developers: solution for specific tasks or implementation of projects

2024 / 04 / 15

As technology becomes more and more integrated within organizational activities and aids in solving an increasing number of tasks, there is often a need to expand the team of software developers. This necessitates the use of external specialists, especially when seeking to utilise certain programming expertise or implement individual projects.

An external IT partner is also relevant when the organisation has long-term digital development needs. This entails several advantages. In addition to the team’s deep understanding of the specifics of the activity due to their cohesive work over an extended period, also the client is able to flexibly manage the scope of these activities.

Novian Pro is ready to offer this service, providing a dedicated team of software developers or assistance of individual specialists, depending on the client’s needs. The experience of the employees at the programming company, working across different countries worldwide, is based not only on digitalisation of operations and modernisation of systems, but also on defence, aeronautics and space projects. Additionally, the company engages in research and innovation activities.

The value of the long-term partnership with Novian Pro is also affirmed by ADB SAFEGATE, a company operating in the global airport sector and providing integrated solutions for airports, airlines and air navigation service providers. The company’s teams of programmers have been working on its projects since 2018.

Innovation-intensive IT fields

By providing external software development services, the company collaborates with clients across various fields in Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany and Lithuania, and provides services in such specific areas as aviation or space too.

“We aim to delve into the specifics of each client and offer flexible cooperation conditions, as well as the best solutions in a specific situation. We also see each partnership as our own investment, which is also reflected in our approach to team formation and introduction to the project. In addition, clients appreciate our flexible pricing,” explains Eimantas Janeliūnas, Remote Services Manager at Novian Pro.

According to him, having accumulated extensive experience and applying modern work methods, Novian Pro also utilises this knowledge in the provision of external software development services.

“Across diverse sectors – manufacturing, finance, logistics, the public sector, service-oriented companies – IT challenges manifest in varying degrees. Drawing upon our experience and competences, we stand prepared to address these challenges according to each client’s specific requirements”, emphasized Janeliūnas. It is no less relevant for logistics, transport or cargo handling companies; their operational dynamics often demand IT upgrades. 


One of the most important clients of Novian Pro’s external software development services is ADB SAFEGATE, a company based in Belgium. Currently, the company’s software developers’ teams are working on five aviation-related projects within the Tower business line, which include innovative airport management solutions: from optimising their operations to increasing security.

“Various challenges are encountered during the development of airport operations, especially those related to the search for new solutions, when it is necessary to involve specialists with knowledge in a specific field. Our teams have repeatedly contributed to projects when it was necessary to significantly expand the number of programmers and to implement certain tasks in a rather short period of time”, said Janeliūnas.

According to him, after working with ADB SAFEGATE for several years, the Novian Pro team learned not only the specifics of its operations, but also the internal processes, thus, it can quickly solve the shortage of IT capabilities on the client’s side.

“We started cooperation with Novian Pro when we were looking for a reliable partner for one of our projects. Their delivery met our expectations, and over the years this partnership is only getting stronger – today we work as one team that understands the specifics of projects, and thus, responding to needs quickly and efficiently”, said Thomas Deutschmeister, Head of Product Development Tower at ADB SAFEGATE.

According to him, the partnership is strengthened not only through the professionalism of the Novian Pro team of software developers, but also by experience in the field of aviation and good knowledge of the English language.

“When we work together, we don’t feel any barriers – neither that of the language, nor distance, nor knowledge,” added ADB SAFEGATE representative T. Deutschmeister. He also emphasised that Novian Pro not only responds flexibly and promptly to the changing needs, but also takes a partnership-like approach to collaboration and project administration.

Value for clients – from competences to consistent work

According to Janeliūnas, although clients of external software development services often require traditional competences, it is pleasing to know that the need for IT services and their spectrum is expanding – we often discuss the use of artificial intelligence, robotisation, data analytics and big data,” said the company’s representative.

Clients’ needs also determine the composition of the teams, which can be formed using the network of partners. Teams can include programmers, testers, analysts, process experts and project managers. Clients can also engage individual specialists. The company provides software development and related analysis, testing, information system support, application development engineering and analytics services.

“We can provide the fastest result to organisations whose teams need to be reinforced with additional competences in the short term, for example, knowledge of programming languages C++, Java, or experience in automatic testing,” said Janeliūnas.

Novian Pro expertise in innovation-intensive fields

Novian Pro has implemented various IT projects, including work in such areas as space, aviation, defence and energy. Developing solutions for nanosatellite communication in cooperation with the European Space Agency, Novian Pro has implemented two important stages of development of the Galaxy nanosatellite cluster data exchange platform.

The company is also developing the information system for working time planning of Brazilian air traffic controllers. During the project, the prototype based on the experience and processes of the European civil and military aviation organisation Eurocontrol, will be supplemented with new functions: the system will be adapted considering Brazilian regulations and internal agreements of the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) of the Brazilian Air Force, and consolidated long-term employee scheduling plans will be formed. The new system is based on a prototype that Novian Pro developed in 2020.

To organisations seeking operational changes based on the latest technologies, Novian Pro offers Innovation as a Service (INaaS) by purchasing consultations and solutions relevant to their activities. Priority is attached not only to artificial intelligence and big data analytics, but also to other technologies that help implement relevant innovations.

Novian Pro is part of the Novian group, whose companies provide software development, IT infrastructure and digitisation solutions. In the field of technology, the group’s competencies include high-performance computing devices and their clusters, open-source cloud technologies, high-reliability data, archiving and other solutions.

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